When the mom Lina met fashion designer Anne Mette Tveiten in Norway, they soon resonated with each other on the topic of Children’s growth: Both learning and playing should be relaxing. Every kid should have a free spirit free in their fairytale world. With concerns for Children’s health and protection for Children's nature, two moms made their minds together to pass mothers' love and responsibility to more children. And in 2017, they founded a school backpack brand——GMT for Kids.
A good schoolbag should reduce children’s pressure, provide them with relaxed carrying experience, increase their motivation to pursue dreams, and express their unique personalities. With all the above consideration, Lina and Anne finally designed the first ergonomic school bag, GMT LIGHT. After hundred times of rigorous testing and constant innovation, the weight of the bag is reduced to 750g. We, therefore, set a new record to achieve a lightweight spinal-protection schoolbag.
GMT for Kids has adhered to its original intention, always focusing on needs running through children's growth. For these years, we have always breakthrough ourselves to provide a better solution for spine protection: from integrated back panel, the six-point weight reduction system, to the more precise IFAM weight reduction system.Besides, we continuously optimize and innovate product design and details to create a better experience for children.
We always believe the study should be a relaxing thing for children. Therefore, we work to make every GMT bag ultra-light to alleviate burdens on the shoulder and back, in their study and daily life. Our persistence and guard help us win a high reputation among parents all over the world In the future, GMT for Kids will adhere to the concept of sustainable development, focus on children's growth, and continue to create a promising future for children.

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